Altitude and Azimuth of the Sun for given Time and Location

This application gives the horizon coordinates (Altitude (Hc) and Azimuth (Az)) of the Sun for a given time and location. It will also calculate the apparent Altitude (Hs) as will be observed through a sextant measurement.

NOTICE: Ephemerides are available for 2023 and 2024.

Position   Date
Latitude  N/S  dd-mm.m   Date   YYYY-MM-DD
Longitude  E/W ddd-mm.m   Time (UTC)   hh:mm:ss

Atmospheric Conditions   Sextant Setup
Barometer   Index Error   '
Temperature   Eye Height   m

Altitude / Azimuth   Geographical Position of the Sun
Hc   °   GHA  ddd-mm.m
Az   °   Dec  N/S dd-mm.m
Today's maximum Altitude at approx. Time   Apparent Altitude (Sextant)
Hmax / Tcul   °     (UTC)   Hs   °