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Compiled Manuals - Download Section

This section gives an overview of the downloadable documents and program packages.

The documents are formatted as 'ready-to-print' PDF files. PDF files can be viewed and printed e.g. with the free tools xpdf or Acrobat Reader. Below are also some notes on how to obtain the manuals into a A5-format book form, which is more practical to use than a simple A4 or Letter printout of these documents.

The complete source codes of the programs used to generate the listed documents can also be downloaded. These programs are written is C and come with short 'README' files and verified 'Make-files' for easy compilation on Linux/UNIX platforms.



  • Nautical Almanac:

    contains ephemerides for Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - also including 'planet maps', Moon Phases and predictions for Lunar Eclipses. The Nautical Almanac comes in 5 parts so pick the appropriate parts for downloading:

    Contents 2023 2024 Approx. Size
    Introduction, Position Maps for the Planets,
    Lunar Phases, Eclipses, ...
    NAlm2023_0.pdf NAlm2024_0.pdf 520 Kbyte
    Almanac pages for
    the 1. quarter (1. Jan. - 31. Mar.)
    NAlm2023_1.pdf NAlm2024_1.pdf 320 Kbyte
    Almanac pages for
    the 2. quarter (1. Apr. - 31. Jun.)
    NAlm2023_2.pdf NAlm2024_2.pdf 320 Kbyte
    Almanac pages for
    the 3. quarter (1. Jul. - 30. Sep.)
    NAlm2023_3.pdf NAlm2024_3.pdf 320 Kbyte
    Almanac pages for
    the 4. quarter (1. Oct. - 31. Dec.)
    NAlm2023_4.pdf NAlm2024_4.pdf 320 Kbyte

    The Nautical Almanacs are also available in a booklet format. In order to obtain the booklet, print the PDF-file double sided, fold each page and paste the folded edges of the stacked pages together (see also below):

    Contents 2023 2024 Approx. Size
    booklet NAlm2023_book-ds.pdf NAlm2024_book-ds.pdf 1.8 Mbyte

  • Nautical Almanac for selected Stars:

    for more advanced Celestial Navigators also the data on a set of selected stars is available. It contains the coordinates of the "First-Point-of-Aries" and of 60 bright stars. Also included is a set of star maps that can be helpful for better orientation in the twilight sky. This data is supplied as an extra manual, in order to keep things simpler for those who want to navigate only with the main celestial bodies; the Sun, Moon and Planets.

    Contents 2023 2024 Approx. Size
    almanac NAlmStars2023.pdf NAlmStars2024.pdf 800 Kbyte
    booklet NAlmStars2023_book-ds.pdf NAlmStars2024_book-ds.pdf 800 Kbyte

  • Interpolation Tables:

    for interpolation of the tabulated data of the Nautical Almanac or Sight Reduction Tables:

    CN_intp.pdf (80 Kbyte)

  • Correction Tables for Sextant Altitudes:

    corrections for dip, refraction and parallax effect:

    CN_corr.pdf (60 Kbyte)

  • Sight Reduction Tables (Ageton Tables):

    these tables are designed for Sight Reduction based on the divided navigational triangle. The advantage of these tables is that they are very compact and allow a Sight Reduction based directly on the Assumed Position. The disadvantage is that some overhead for the calculation is required and that the accuracy for some situations may not be sufficient:

    AgetonTables.pdf (310 Kbyte)

    These tables are also available in a booklet format. In order to obtain the booklet, print the PDF-file double sided, fold each page and glue the folded edges of all pages together (see also below):

    AgetonTables_book-ds.pdf (380 Kbyte)

  • Sight Reduction Tables (Lookup Tables):

    these tables allow a Sight Reduction by simple lookup tables without any further calculations involved. The disadvantage is that it cannot be performed directly on the Assumed Position (instead an intermediate position close to the Assumed Position must be chosen) and that these tables cannot be compiled in a compact form.
    These Sight Reduction Tables are issued in 14 Volumes. Each Volume covers a latitude range of 10° and is compiled for 'Declination same name to Latitude' and 'Declination contrary name to Latitude'.

    Latitude Declination SAME Name as Latitude Declination CONTRARY Name to Latitude
    00°-09° SiRed00s.pdf (420 Kbyte) SiRed00c.pdf (420 Kbyte)
    10°-19° SiRed10s.pdf (450 Kbyte) SiRed10c.pdf (420 Kbyte)
    20°-29° SiRed20s.pdf (480 Kbyte) SiRed20c.pdf (410 Kbyte)
    30°-39° SiRed30s.pdf (500 Kbyte) SiRed30c.pdf (400 Kbyte)
    40°-49° SiRed40s.pdf (530 Kbyte) SiRed40c.pdf (380 Kbyte)
    50°-59° SiRed50s.pdf (580 Kbyte) SiRed50c.pdf (360 Kbyte)
    60°-69° SiRed60s.pdf (660 Kbyte) SiRed60c.pdf (330 Kbyte)

  • Worksheets

    - Ws_Alt.pdf: Worksheet for Altitude intercept method and obtaining a Line-of-Position.

    - Ws_SiRed_Tb.pdf: Workscheme for Sight-Reduction using Altitude-Azimut Tables.
    - Ws_SiRed_Ag.pdf: Workscheme for Sight-Reduction using the method of Ageton.
    - Ws_SiRed_By.pdf: Workscheme for Sight-Reduction using the method of Bygrave.

    - Mercator Plotting Sheets: Chart templates with Mercator grid for mapping astronomical Lines-of-Position (available for Latitude 0° to 69°).

Programs for generating Almanacs and Tables

  • Programm Archiv:

    The compressed (gzip) "tar" archiv - or "tarball" - contains all the source codes and 'Makefiles' needed to compile the different programs used to generate the Almanac and different Tables on a UNIX platform. The codes have been successfully compiled under SunOS and Linux.

    CN_code.tgz (840 Kbyte)

    See also "Notes on the C programs used to calculate the Ephemerides" for more information on how to prepare the JPL Ephemerides, which are also needed for the generation of the Nautical Almanac.

    These programs all generate 'Postscripts' documents, which can be printed directly on a 'Postscript printer' or they can be converted (manually) with e.g. ghostscript into PDF format (see the included scripts and README files).

Notes on printable Manuals

The downloadable Almanacs, Tables and Manuals are formatted in PDF. The simplest way to obtain a bookform from these documents is to print them out double-sided and mount the pages in some commercially available document holder. This way a bookform in A4/letter size is obtained.

A more practical A5-sized bookform can be obtained by printing the manuals double-sided with two document pages on each side of the A4-format printer paper. The following drawing indicates the printing order of 4 successive manual pages:

    front                     back                  

  +-----------------+       +-----------------+    
  |        :        |       |        :        |   
  |        :        |       |        :        |  
  | page 4 : page 1 |       | page 2 : page 3 | 
  |        :        |       |        :        |
  |        :        |       |        :        |      
  +-----------------+       +-----------------+     

  now fold "page 2" onto "page 3"

          /---------+                ---------+
         / :        |                :        |
        /  :        |                :        |
       /   : page 3 |                : page 1 |
      /  2 :        |                :        |
      |    :        |                :        |
      |    /--------+                ---------+


Each of these pages must be folded in order to obtain one new bookform page. The complete printed and folded manual pages must then be agglutinated as a paperback book.

For the Nautical Almanac, the "resorted" manual ready for printing as described in the above scheme is available from the document list at the beginning of this page. For the other manuals, a special printer post-processing driver is required to obtain the "two-pages-on-one-side" printing format.

If no suitable printer driver is available, the program source codes may be compiled. These programs will generate the manuals in a postscript format, which can be subsequently formatted in bookform by the "awk"-based script in the directory "scripts" included in the software package CN_code (See also "Notes on the C programs used to calculate the Ephemerides").

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